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maitaihigh asked:
so you just gonna bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift


go to my ask and paste the last thing you copied

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a new ask meme: go to my ask and paste the last thing you copied and send it to me without any explanation

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half-irishirwin asked:
are you doing art requests? If so, could you draw ashton showing off his new scar?


this is what u meant right

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Things that will make me fall for you:

  • singing around me, even if you’re not the best
  • talking about movies and books you love
  • telling me jokes, yes including the stupid ones
  • sharing your music with me
  • really talking to me…about your life and your future etc.
  • maybe liking me back?
  • yeah
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Anonymous asked:
You're going to Washington to the concert a day before my concert in BC!! (Canada. It's just over the border at WA in case you didn't know. This isn't an insult to you or anything, it's just some people don't know) you should come see me B)

omg im GONNA be with my girls so you should come down and see us

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more songs that are in 5sos keeks!!

part 1

note: I’m missing a few bc they talk so loud i can’t hear the music ok bye

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playing pokemon as a kidimage

playing pokemon as an adultimage

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when calum does something problematic

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Anonymous asked:
hey syd are you going to a 5sos concert next year?

yeah!! me and mickie are going to the SEATTLE show with denali!! it’s JULY 24th, the night before my birthday (that means I’m 18 and legal at midnight so ASHTON can legally fuck me)

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Anonymous asked:
i was really excited about the group chat but then u didnt add everyone and i got kind of :/

I’ll probably make another eventually for people who didn’t get in this time!! what I looked for was a good about me/url/theme and just an accurate judge of personality so I could accurately pick groups☺️

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Anonymous asked:
Wait I'm so confused you said that you had started the chat but I haven't gotten anything on iMessage, please help

I only picked 4 groups! there was way too many people and some of the iMessages weren’t really iMessages ):

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